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Since our start in 1984, Safetyville's programs have primarily served young children and their families - encouraging children to play and experiment in a safe setting, building awareness of why and how to be safe. 18 years later, some of Safetyville’s very first kid visitors are coming back and bringing their own kids to learn how to stay safe.

Just as our visitors have grown up, it is time for Safetyville to grow up too in order to better serve people of ALL ages in staying safe across all of life's milestones.

Your support of Safetyville through a monthly donation helps create new and engaging programs to meet the needs of community members across all ages and stages of life.

What is The Ville Club?

The Ville Club is an exclusive group of monthly donors who share a passion for safety in their families and in the community. Ville Club members get access to an exclusive monthly newsletter where they can get a sneak peek into exciting news and events for Safetyville & the opportunity to provide feedback on new ideas and programs.

How to sign up?

Sign up using the Ville Club Monthly Donation Form below. Unlike other donation forms, we made ours easy. We just need some information about our future donor, how you heard about Safetyville and how much you would like to donate each month. 

How does signing up make an impact?

By signing up for our monthly giving program, you can help make a sustainable impact on Safetyville through your ongoing support. Your monthly donation will help create more events, develop new programs for every age group, and help maintain the Safetyville city