Safety Management Specialist Program

Learning how to establish a successful safety program is the essence of this Program. You will learn insights that will revolutionize your approach to workplace safety, new problem-solving tools, and the knowledge to help reduce losses by implementing a well managed safety program. The courses are designed to fit each organization’s style of management and culture and may be taken individually or as part of the certificate program. Students are strongly encouraged to take Establishing a Successful Safety Program or Selling Safety before taking any other course.

Northern California: Enroll in the Full 9-Course Program

Southern California: Enroll in the Full 9-Course Program

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Core Safety Certificate – In this program you will learn how to implement a successful safety program incorporating an effective IIPP with techniques on how to sell safety to everyone within your organization.

Technical Safety Certificate – In this program you will learn how to incorporate industrial hygiene expertise into your safety program, conduct safety inspections and investigate injuries and illnesses.

Management Safety Certificate – In this program you will learn how to comply with Cal/OSHA requirements for occupational injury and illness recordkeeping, to make safety performance matter at all levels in your organization, and acquire skills to solve safety problems.

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