Accident Investigation


A key element of the Injury and Illness Prevention Program is Accident Investigations. A thorough and properly completed accident & incident investigation focuses on understanding why an accident or near-miss occurred and the written document will include actions that can prevent this situation in the future. 

Accident Investigations should be conducted by employees who are trained in completing a thorough investigation of all accidents and near misses to identify causes and needed corrections. 

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Course Overview

This course will provide participants with techniques to conduct accident and incident investigations, using practical methods to gather and analyze needed information. Participants will also be provided with the ability to determine causes and solutions objectively and take corrective action to prevent recurrences. Group discussions and case studies help participants understand the process for conducting effective accident investigations and implementing appropriate strategies to prevent future incidents. In the course, attendees will learn how to examine details, evaluate the conditions and environment, analyze data to find solutions, and involve employees to develop corrective action. 

Topics Include

  • Deep Water Horizon Case Study 
  • Using a Risk Management Approach   
  • Conducting Investigations 
  • Accident Investigations – The Details 
  • Priorities for Controlling Risk 
  • Analyzing an Incident and its Potential Causes 
  • Investigating Analysis Problem-Solving Report 
  • Asking Questions Using the 5 Whys 
  • Identifying Hazards (Symptoms) and Problems in Management System 
  • Safety Culture Competencies and Organizational Outcomes 
  • And more… 


To receive a Course Certificate, participants must be present for the entire class and pass the Final Test.

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