Excavation - Competent Person


This course is required for employees working in California to stay in compliance with § 1541 

Employees who are involved in the excavation operation and exposed to excavation operations hazards shall be trained in the excavator notification and excavation practices. The course does not make the participant a Competent Person, this designation is assigned by the employer.  

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Course Overview

This 8‐hour Excavation course gives employees the knowledge to recognize hazards associated with trenching & excavation and how to properly choose appropriate hazard control measures. With the information provided in this course, employees will be able to identify hazards, understand the requirements of working with hazardous materials, and identify procedures required to stay in compliance. Furthermore, the training provides a basic knowledge of classifying soil types, physical hazards of substances and, how to gather information about specific occupational hazards. 

Topics Include

  • Recognize hazards associated with trenching and excavation 
  • Background: Excavation, Cave Ins, and Soil Classification 
  • Hazardous atmospheres & Danger Zones 
  • California Construction Safety Orders, Measures, and Site Conditions 
  • Fall Protection & Safe Excavation 
  • Fall Protection & Safe Excavation 
  • And more… 


*It is recommended that participants bring company-required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – hardhat, gloves, steel-toed shoes, etc. to this class. 

To receive a Course Certificate, participants must be present for the entire class and pass the Final Test.  


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