Forklift Operator


This course is required for employees working in California to stay in compliance with §3668 (d). 

All employees who operate forklifts are required to be certified. 

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Course Overview

The Forklift – Operator Training course is designed to provide the necessary knowledge and understanding needed to operate class 1, 4, or 5 forklifts. As an effort to improve safety performance and prevent injuries, this course will include a theory training portion as well as a hands-on portion. During theory training, participants will learn the specifications, rules, and operating procedures. A written test will take place at the end of the course and a passing score of 70% will be required to move on to the hands-on portion of the training. During this part of the course, participants will learn how to properly inspect, use, park, refuel, and operate the equipment. Lastly, a practical evaluation of operational skills will be performed to determine if trainees may qualify as an operator or if additional training will be needed.  

Topics Include

  • General rules, regulations, and responsibilities  
  • Types of forklifts, their parts and functions 
  • Understanding forklift safety  
  • Safe forklift operations  
  • Parking, shutting down, and transporting the forklift 
  • Refueling or recharging 
  • Final Written Theory Test   
  • Pre-use inspection 
  • Basic competency in operating procedures  
  • Verification of safe general operation 
  • And more… 


Participants will Certification after the successful completion of the Final Written Theory Test and the Final Hands-On Practical Evaluation. 

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