Workplace Violence Prevention Planning


Requirements of Labor Code 6401.9 apply to all California employers, employees, places of employment, and employer-provided housing except those covered in LC 6401.9 (b)(2)(A) through (F) with the exception of:

  • Health care facilities, service categories, and operations that fall under compliance to California Code of Regulations (CCR) title 8, Section 3342
  • Facilities operated by the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, if they are in compliance with Title 8 Section 3203 (must have current Injury Illness and Protection Program (IIPP)
  • Law enforcement agencies that are a part of a ‘department or participating department’ as defined in in CCR Title 11, Section 1001 (any law enforcement entity or independent communications agency which has made application to and been accepted by the Commission to participate in POST programs and receive services. Eligibility and participation requirements are set forth in Commission Regulation 1010).
  • Employers teleworking from a location of the employer’s choice, which is not under control of the employer.

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Course Overview

The 2-Hour class is tailored to teach employees how to respond to situations that could lead to workplace violence. Preventing and identifying these threats is vital for the safety of themselves and peers. Training will include reference to the organization’s Workplace Violence Prevention Program regarding these events. Active shooter training focuses on teaching employees how to respond and how to take the most appropriate steps for survival.  This course also discusses the Run, Hide, Fight concept and what conditions make each of the responses appropriate. 

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