Forklift Refresher


This course is required for employees working in California to stay in compliance with §3668 (d). 

Forklift Operator Refresher training is for those who have already completed the initial Forklift Operator Certification within the last three years. 

REQUIREMENT: Forklift Operator Requalification training is required every three years. 

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Course Overview

The Forklift Operator Training refresher course is designed to ensure current forklift operators are using the equipment properly. The course includes an overview of the initial class and places an emphasis on work practices most critical to safety and incident prevention. 

Topics Include

  • General rules, regulations, and responsibilities  
  • Understanding forklift safety  
  • Safe forklift operations  
  • Parking, shutting down, and transporting the forklift 
  • Final Written Theory Test   
  • Pre-use inspection (ie. Visual checks) 
  • Techniques for safe operations 
  • And more… 


Participants will receive their Forklift Operator Re-Certification after the successful completion of the Final Written Theory Test and demonstrating the safe competent operation of the forklift they will be using on the Final Hands-On Practical Evaluation. 

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