Certified Safety Management Specialist 


The Certified Safety Management Specialist (CSMS) program is specifically crafted to empower individuals in charge of safety within their organizations, including safety officers, EHS managers, safety leads, safety consultants, and employees with safety as an extra collateral duty. This comprehensive program provides the necessary tools and best practices for creating or improving the efficacy of safety programs and cultivating a robust safety culture. 

Delivered through our Virtual Instructor-Led Training platform, the CSMS program offers a convenient way for both experienced safety managers and those with new or collateral safety responsibilities to level up their professional career with the CSMS designation.

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Course Overview

This program focuses on the 3 main areas of building effective safety programs, scheduled in three-day sessions over a three-month period for a total of 9-days of virtual instructor-led interactive training. 

Part 1: Elements of building a strong safety culture, including an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). Participants will identify a SMART goal to be implemented during the CSMS program and develop a strategy for getting stakeholder support to ensure the success of this project.  

Part 2: Technical Classes, participants will learn to engage employees in the process of developing ongoing improvements to create a safe work environment.  

Part 3: Identifying leadership competencies, strategies for consistently communicating safety values, and measuring results to identify opportunities for strengthening commitment to building a strong safety culture.       

Topics Include

  • Workplace Safety Culture  
  • IIPP Best Practices  
  • Selling Safety  
  • Safety Inspection Process  
  • Accident & Incident Investigation  
  • Industrial Hygiene Awareness 
  • Safety Leadership  
  • Safety Communication  
  • Safety Performance  


It is recommended that participants complete the classes in order. 

To receive the CSMS designation, participants must successfully complete all nine (9) CSMS classes, tests, and present a SMART goal project, report, and pass the final examination. 

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