10 Tips for Motorcyclists and Other Roadway Users to Share Lanes Safely

Lane splitting by motorcycles is not illegal in California when done in a safe and prudent manner. Traffic safety organization developed a few tips for lane splitting.

Tips for motorcyclists:

Step 1. Do not travel more than 10 mph faster than other traffic

Step 2. It is unsafe to lane split when the traffic is moving at 30mph or faster

Step 3. It is safer to split between lanes #1 and #2

Step 4. Consider the whole environment before splitting including differential speed of traffic, lane width, roadway, weather and lighting conditions

Step 5. Be alert and anticipate movements of other roadway users

Tips for other roadway users:

Step 6. Scan mirrors and blindspots frequently, especially before changing lanes and making turns

Step 7. Signal before changing lanes or merging into traffic

Step 8. Increase following distance behind a motorcycle to 3-4 seconds so they have time to maneuver in heavy traffic

Step 9. Avoid distracted driving and keeps your eyes on the road

Step 1. Be respectful, impeding or blocking a motorcyclist in a way that can cause harm is illegal

All roadway users need to take reasonable precautions and to act responsibly so everyone has a safe journey to their respective destinations.