Participation Requirements

All students MUST bring ONE of the following valid documents to class, a valid:

  1. Driver’s License OR
  2. Learner’s Permit OR
  3. Government issued Photo ID
  4. If under 18 a state issued ID

In order to participate in the riding portion of the program, the following protective gear and clothing are MANDATORY:

  1. Full-coverage or 3/4-coverage DOT-compliant helment (Loan helmets are available at no cost)
  2. Shatter-resistant eye protection
  3. Sturdy over-the-ankle footwear (motorcycle-specific footwear recommended)
  4. Long-sleeved shirt or jacket (motorcycle-specific jacket recommended)
  5. Long non-flared durable pants (motorcycle-specific recommended) without any rips or holes
  6. Full-fingered street-motorcycle-specific or leather gloves (mechanics-style gloves, off-road gloves, etc. are NOT allowed)

Student must be at least 15 and a half years old on the first day of class to participate in this course

CLICK HERE to enroll.

For more information and to enroll by phone call 916.438.3362 or email Dwight