I’ve completed the course. What’s next?


  • DL 389s are mailed to the student’s home (registration) address within two weeks of completing the program.
    • Have you moved since your registration? Please call 916.438.3379 to update your address to prevent delays in receiving the DL389.
  • Your original DL389 must be presented to DMV; copies are not accepted. DL389s are valid for one year from date of issue and are non-renewable.
  • All students should refer to the DMV Requirements regarding motorcycle licenses for all ages: https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/handbook/motorcycle-handbook/license-requirements/
    • Issuance of a motorcycle permit or an M1 motorcycle license is subject to DMV’s rules, regulations, and requirements.
      • You will need to successfully complete the DMV written exam and pay any associated fees if you don’t currently have a permit.
      • Present your DL389 Certificate of Completion of Motorcycle Training to DMV
        • The DL389 may waive the skills test at DMV.
      • IMPORTANT NOTE for Students between 15-1/2 and 17-1/2 years of age:
        • You are required to provide your driver education and behind-the-wheel driver training certificates of completion, as well as any other requirements of DMV, before you can be issued a motorcycle permit. Please refer to the link above regarding license requirements.