Mini Campaigns 2021


What are the Mini Campaigns?

Safety Center’s Mini Campaigns are Distracted Driving Awareness Campaigns that you can implement in one week to encourage high school students to avoid dangerous distracted driving behaviors.


Who should sign up?

Any California High School Student or Faculty Member


When do I run my mini campaign?

You can implement your mini campaign on any week of your choice before the end of the 2020/2021 school year, but we recommend starting in April to correspond with Distracted Driving Awareness month. You can complete all of these activities in one week with minimal planning, or stretch it out over the course of a few weeks. It’s up to you!


What does the mini campaign involve?

For each day of the mini campaign, participating students will watch a short video, check out 3-5 resources, pick one activity option to complete, and fill out an activity log.

When you’ve completed all 5 days of activities, submit your activity log to teensafedriver@safetycenter.org to be entered to win prizes for your class or club.





Depending on the number of students involved in leading the campaign you may choose to:

  • Have each student complete Day 1-5 activities over the course of one week or more.
  • Have your whole group complete Day 1 to learn more about Distracted Driving, then split into small groups to divide up the activities for Days 2-5.