FAQ Category: General program information

Can I attend an online DUI program?

DHCS does not license internet DUI programs.  DUI classes offered via the internet do not meet California’s DUI Program requirements.  Safety Center offers approved Live Virtual Services, Please call for availability 916-438-3360.   

Is Safety Center a California accredited program?

Yes. The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), Behavioral Health Licensing and Certification Division, Driving-Under-The-Influence (DUI) Section, licenses and performs compliance monitoring on all DUI programs in California.  Safety Center has been an accredited program for more than 25 years. To find California Accredited programs […]

How much do the Programs cost?

All Program fees are determined by the State of California and vary per County. Program fees for the Counties in which Safety Center provides services are as follows:  At the time of your enrollment, a $300 down payment is required for all programs (with exception […]