15 Tips for Novice Winter Drivers

Most of the resorts in the Tahoe are open for the season and with the fresh snow it is a great opportunity for parents to help new drivers gain experience with winter driving conditions

1. Make sure your car is ready before you start your trip:

2. Ensure your windshield wipers are in good shape so they can clear away snow and ice

3. Top off your windshield washer fluid so you can clean off dirt from slushy roadways

4. Check that your tire tread is not worn so you have better traction in slippery conditions

5. Carry tire chains as they are required on snow covered roads

6. Make sure your gas tank is full so you can use your engine to keep warm if you get stuck in traffic, heavy snow or have to wait for assistance

7. Have an emergency kit in the car:

8. Fully charged cell phone and a flashlight with extra batteries

9. Boots, gloves, warm clothing and blankets

10. Water and energy bars

11. Snow brush, ice scraper, flares and a small shovel

12. Extra windshield washer fluid

13. Be alert and drive slowly:

14. Accelerate, turn and brake slowly and gently so your car doesn’t slide

15. Anticipate turns and stops and leave plenty of distance between you and other cars

Other cars may pass young drivers creating the impression they can increase their speed. However, it is better to follow slow moving traffic so you can get to you ski or snowboarding destination safely and enjoy your day on the slopes.