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Empowering Youth to Lead Positive Teen Safe Driving Campaigns

Safety Center received funding from the Allstate Foundation for teen safe driving education. This Teen Safe Driving program empowers high school students to create teen-to-teen safe driving campaigns. These youth-led campaigns focus on making teen traffic safety a priority in the community. “Empowering students to create positive […]

The Best Choice You Can Make (Driving To Work)

by David Loret de Mola Communications Coordinator David@SafetyCenter.org LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook To learn more about Defensive Driving, click here and take a class! Life happens – some days you run late to work because your alarm clock didn’t go off, and you didn’t […]

Teen-to-Teen Safe Driving Campaign

The Allstate Foundation and Safety Center expanded its California Teen-to-Teen Safe Driving Campaign contest into the Central Valley and first place winners for 2014 were Escalon, Manteca and Ronald E. McNair high schools. Schools from Stockton to Fresno entered the contest and youth leaders created […]