What is required to register for the course?

  • The MTC program is intended for beginner to skilled riders. Training starts with the very basics for all to become a safe rider. At a minimum, a student must be able to ride a bicycle to properly ride a motorcycle.
  • For students 21 years old and older: valid government issued picture ID (driver’s license, passport, state identification card)
  • For students 18 – 20 years old: valid government issued picture ID (driver’s permit, driver’s license, passport, state or student ID)
  • For students 15-1/2 – 17 years old (driver’s permit, driver’s licenses, passport, state or student ID)
    • Must be 15-1/2 years on first day of class and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who must sign the waiver in person at the first range session.
  • A motorcycle permit is not necessary to take the course.
  • Please enter all registration information carefully and check for accuracy before submitting payment:
    • Spelling of name as it appears on your identification document
    • Phone number and email address
    • Mailing address including apartment, suite or space number or a PO Box if mail not received at your physical address
      • Your DL389 Certificate of Completion will be mailed to this address upon successful completion of the course
    • Driver’s license number and expiration date
  • All students should refer to: https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/handbook/motorcycle-handbook/license-requirements/ for current requirements by DMV to obtain a motorcycle permit or M1 license.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE for Students between 15-1/2 and 17-1/2 years of age:
    • You are required to provide your driver education and behind-the-wheel driver training certificates of completion before you can be issued a motorcycle permit.