What will I need to participate in the MTC program?

  • Student must provide their own:
    • Computer or tablet (recommended) or smart phone with camera and microphone to participate from home in the two Zoom “classroom” sessions. Student must be on camera at all times during the Zoom session.
    • Gear required for Range riding sessions:
      • Full or ¾ coverage DOT compliant helmet*
      • Full fingered leather or motorcycle specific gloves
      • Over the ankle boots – sturdy construction or leather
      • Long sleeved shirt or jacket
      • Long pants with no rips, tears or flare to the legs
      • Shatter proof eyewear (sunglasses or prescription glasses)

*Loaner helmets are available, however, due to COVID protocols, student must wear a head covering and face mask while borrowing a helmet.

Additionally, all students:

  • Must be on time to all sessions. Students who arrive late to the Zoom or Range sessions will not be permitted to attend and will be considered to have voluntarily dropped the course.
  • Should read the MTC Student Handbook (link provided in their Registration Confirmation email) for in class participation and in preparation for the written knowledge exam.
  • Should be prepared, alert and focused during all sessions.
  • Should avoid any distractions during the Zoom sessions.
    • Any student driving, drinking, smoking marijuana, sleeping or inattentive during the sessions will be dropped from the Zoom session and will not be re-admitted.
  • Should be aware that no display of threatening, obscene or inappropriate messages on Zoom, clothing or helmets is permitted.
  • Should be understand that at the discretion of the Instructors, students who don’t demonstrate the ability to ride a motorcycle safely may be asked to leave the course.
  • Should understand that any student who engages in any type of safety violations (horseplay, unsafe acts or failure to follow instructions or directions, etc.) will be dropped from the course immediately and will not be invited to return and the registration fee will be forfeited.