a group of children sitting on a bus
“The children love the small scale town and our tours for safety have always been outstanding and leave lasting positive impressions on the children to remember into their adult lives. We look forward to our visit each year with wonderment of who our sponsor will be, all the children are happy and excited to make thank you pictures. Thank you sponsors for your contribution so we can keep attending each year.”
Sue Sparks-Fournier, Sue’s Happy Days Preschool

Due to cuts in education, many of our school districts do not have the discretionary funds to pay for transportation for field trips.  By supporting the “Adopt-A-Class” program, your company will provide the funding for the transportation to Safetyville USA for up to 60 students from an area elementary school.

You, your company, or your organization can provide:

  • Transportation for 60 children to Safetyville USA – $400
  • Opportunity to provide life-saving safety skills to many children
  • Have your name on the marquee on the day of the tour
  • Thank you letters & pictures from children

As recognition for ytour support we will take a photo of the children standing by our marquee, where your company or organization will be recognized. We also ask the teachers to have the children write “thank you” letters. We will send you the letters along with the photos.

We encourage you to accompany your sponsored class on their tour. By being present, you will be able to receive the personal “thanks” of the children you’ve sponsored and see the impact of this important safety and health education program first-hand.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in participating in the “Adopt-A-Class” program.

Make a difference in a child’s life & Adopt-a-Class today!!

Call 916.438.3357 for more information or email Pam.

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