By appointment only from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 8, at Safetyville, USA at 3909 Bradshaw Rd, Sacramento CA

Get ready to roll! Helmets are essential to safe biking, scootering, and any other type of activity on wheels.

A properly fitted helmet can reduce your child’s risk of head injuries by 85%.

Drive up to our curbside bicycle helmet fitting event on Wednesday, September 8, to check the fit of your child’s bike helmet with guidance from Safetyville staff and volunteers and CHP officers. Elementary or middle school students in need will receive a bike helmet along with the Helmet Fit Test.


How it works:

  • During your scheduled appointment window, drive through the drop-off loop at Safetyville, USA at 3909 Bradshaw Rd, Sacramento CA.
  • Park at a designated area, turn off your car, and have your child put on their helmet.
  • If you are in need of a helmet, we will provide a measuring tape and walk you through accurately measuring your child’s head.
  • Roll down your child’s window, open their door, or stand with your child on the grass next to your vehicle for their Helmet Fit Test.
  • Adjust your child’s helmet with the guidance of Safetyville staff and volunteers and CHP officers.
  • Drive up to our Bike Safety booth for some additional helmet and bike safety tips before you head out.


To Make an appointment:

Signing up for your helmet fit appointment is easy. Scroll down to fill out the form below.

PLEASE make sure you arrive during your scheduled pick-up time to help us maintain safe social distancing for your family, and our volunteers & staff.

All pick-ups will take place on Wednesday, September 8, at Safetyville located at 3909 Bradshaw Rd, Sacramento CA .

Please remember, we have a limited number of helmets for children in need of helmets and will be distributing them in order by those who register. Given our current public health environment we will not be able to exchange helmets once distributed. 

Funding for this program was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Is your child in need of a helmet?

Follow these steps to measure and identify the helmet size they will need.

Still not sure? No problem. We will provide single use measuring tapes and walk you through selecting the appropriate size at the time of your appointment.


Don’t have a tape measure that easily bends around your child’s head? Try this method of measuring.

  • Simply locate a shoelace (or string) and wrap it around your child’s forehead two fingers above the eyebrows.
  • Make sure to place a mark on the shoelace to remember the circumference around your child’s head.
  • Open the Tape Measure and lock it at about 36 inches.
  • Now measure the shoelace from tip to mark you made.


Please review the size chart below to identify your child’s helmet size!

  • SMALL: 20 in – 21.75 in or 51 cm – 55cm
  • MEDIUM: 21.75 in – 23.25 in or 55 cm – 59 cm
  • LARGE: 23.25 in – 24.75 in or 59 cm – 63 cm
  • EXTRA LARGE: Above 24.75 in or Above 63 cm