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Tie One On For Safety

During the holiday season we enjoy celebrating with family and friends. Before you spike that eggnog, Safety Center would like to remind you to drive sober. The holiday season, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, are some of the most dangerous days of the year on […]

Are you a Drugged Driver?

With the passage of more indulgent marijuana laws comes the increase in DUI drug convictions.  Some states have completely decriminalized marijuana allowing for recreational use and many others allow for medicinal use.  This permissive stance does not give the consumer the right to drive while […]

DUI Programs are Treatment, not School!

You have probably heard the term, “DUI School.” DUI Programs in California are not schools, they are treatment programs. A schools primary focus is on education, instilling knowledge. Take for example, traffic school; designed only to educate the participant in traffic regulations. Sheldon Zhang, Professor […]