California Motorcyclist Safety Program

Any rider that has not taken a motorcycle safety course can benefit from the CMSP courses.

“I went from not knowing how to ride a motorcycle to having the basic proficiency to start operating it safely. Furthermore, I now know where my limits are as well, which will make me a safer driver.”– Safety Center Motorcycle Training Course Participant 

CMSP Motorcyclist Training Course (MTC)

  • Novice rider with no (or limited) street riding experience.
  • Course includes 6.5-hours of classroom and 10-hours of on-cycle instruction
  • Upon successful completion you will earn a DMV skills test waiver (DL389).

Riding a two-wheeled bicycle is a pre-requisite for taking the MTC.
MTC Enrollment

CMSP 1-Day Premier Course (1DPC)

  • Riders 21 and older, who already possess basic motorcycle knowledge and riding skills but are not licensed.
  • Learn intermediate level skills and the DMV skills test waiver in one day.
  • Successful completion of an entry skills test is required for this course.

1-Day Premier Course