Motorcyclist Training Course

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MTC- The Motorcyclist Training Course focuses on basic motorcyclist safety and street riding skills.

  • Successful completion of the course waives riding skills test at California DMV
  • Classes are 10 hours of on-cycle training and 5 hours in the classroom
  • Certificates will be mailed out after successful completion of the class
  • $258 for 21 and older, $180 for 20 and younger – motorcycle & helmet included
  • Student must be at least 15 and a half years old on the first day of class to participate in this course

“(MTC) provided the nuts and bolts to being a safe, defensive rider. I feel 100% more confidant about getting on the street since taking this course.” – Safety Center Motorcyclist Training Course Participant


*Check both sites. Classes may be available sooner:


For more info or to enroll by phone call 916.438.3362 or email Dwight

Safety Center Sacramento Campus – Classroom & Range

Mather Motorcycle Range