Out of State Assessments & DUI Program

DUI Assessments and Programs for Out of State Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Convictions

Driving under the influence is not just for alcoholics or addicts.  Anyone can make the misjudgment of driving after drinking or using medication.  Every state has unique laws regarding DUI.  Some call it “Driving While Impaired (DWI)” while others may refer to it as “Drunk Driving” or “Drugged Driving.”  At the Safety Center and in the State of California we prefer to use the term Driving Under the Influence.  This term is inclusive for all situations, whether  alcohol or drugs, or simply impaired and not necessarily drunk. If you or someone you know received a DUI charge in another state we can help.

  • Alcohol and Other Drug Assessments (AOD)
    • Documentation with requirements from state of conviction needed for assessment
    • Cost for the AOD assessment is $200
  • DUI Programs for out of state DUI convictions
    • Education
    • Individual counseling sessions
    • Group counseling

Safety Center has 6 locations to serve you:

  • Citrus Heights: 916.721.2872 or email Karla
  • Davis: 530.759.0121 or email Karla
  • Modesto: 209.526.9393 or email Karla
  • Sacramento: 916.438.3360 or email Karla
  • West Sacramento: 916.373.3363 or email Karla
  • Woodland: 530.406.2298 or email Karla
  • You may also contact Alcohol & Drug Programs Assistant Vice President Karla Hendrix by EMAIL

    Our programs are licensed by the State of California Department of Health Care Services as well as the counties listed below. Safety Center Incorporated is a proud member of the California Association of Drinking Driver Treatment Programs.

    • Stanislaus County logoStanislaus County
    • Sacramento County logoSacramento County
    • Yolo County logoYolo County
    • California Department of Health Care Services - DHCS logoCalifornia Department of Health Care Services – DHCS
    • California Association of Drinking Driver Treatment Programs logoProud members of the California Association of DUI Treatment Programs