Safetyville USA

Instilling safety values in children through Safetyville USA and its unique interactive safety & health education programs

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Safetyville USA Children’s Safety & Health Education Programs:

  • Provide life-saving skills and awareness education to children
  • Utilize our unique 1/3 scale city, complete with sidewalks, crosswalks, stoplights and signs, an abandoned building (to demonstrate the dangers of playing in unregulated areas), police and fire stations, a dentist office, grocery store – and much more, to allow children to practice everyday safety skills, helping to lay the groundwork for lifelong safety & health.
  • Teach children, preschool through third grade, safety, health & fitness skills through interactive tours

Birthday parties & tours available by appointment

Safetyville USA is also host to many great events throughout the year, including…

  • Family Day – Come as a family to this free Safety and Health Expo to get information and access to community resources.
  • Free Family Bike Nights – Bring the family to bike around Safetyville USA!
  • Teen Safe Driving Day – A free event for teens currently driving or looking to get their license.
  • Halloween Haunt – Trick or Treat in the Little City! Games, raffles, and entertainment are also provided.

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