Safetyville USA

Providing life-saving skills and awareness education to children and their caregivers through interactive tours, programs, and events since 1984


Safetyville USA is a unique 1/3 scale city, complete with sidewalks, crosswalks, stoplights and signs, police and fire stations, a dentist office, grocery store – and much more, that provides an immersive learning environment, allowing children to practice everyday safety skills, and helping to lay the groundwork for lifelong safety & health.

Every building in Safetyville is supported by an annual sponsorship. These donations help Safetyville continue to serve the children of the Sacramento region.

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At this time, Safetyville is available for Group Tours and Rentals by appointment only.

Safetyville hosts monthly community events to allow individuals and families to visit and experience Safetyville.

Call 916.366.7233 for more information or email.