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DUI Curriculum & Counselor Education for Alcohol & Drug Program Providers

Over the past 80 years Safety Center Incorporated (SCI), has expanded well beyond traffic safety programs and is now among the most respected providers of safety leadership and training.  Our Alcohol and Drug Programs offers the following professional services:

  • Counselor Manual and Participant Workbooks & Training
    • Curriculum for First Offender, Multiple Offender, Wet & Reckless
    • Manual and workbooks available in English, Spanish & Russian
    • Counselor training in DUI curriculum at Program Provider’s site
  • Consulting services for start-up of DUI programs in other states
  • Continuing Education Provider for AOD counselor CEU courses
  • Alcohol & Nutrition Video suitable for all age groups
  • Rapid Eye Check training for workplace alcohol & drug awareness

For more information, call 800.825.7262 Ext. 1236 or email

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DUI Curriculum
Consulting Services
Counselor Training & CEU’s
Alcohol & Nutrition Video
Rapid Eye Check

DUI Curriculum Materials & Training

The current curriculum and clinical approach employed by the DUI & Drug Diversion (PC-1000) programs at Safety Center Incorporated follows the mainstream Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach commonly found in counseling psychology, which emphasizes the recognition and awareness of one’s substance use problems and following specific prescriptions of behavioral modifications that aim at recognizing stress-provoking events and coping skills.  The current curriculum also reflects the cumulative clinical experiences and practical knowledge over the decades from its counselors and clinical supervisors. It should be pointed out that the Safety Center curriculum and clinical practices have been consistently applied across all its DUI program sites in three counties (Sacramento, Stanislaus, and Yolo) as well as the PC-1000 program in Stanislaus County to achieve consistency in the intervention approach. The curriculum has also gained wider acceptance by other DUI program providers.

-Sheldon X. Zhang, Professor of Sociology at San Diego State University

Counselor Manual and preprinted Participant Workbooks

  • Promotes consistent standards for quality and successful program completion
  • Comprehensive manual for conducting alcohol and drug education programs
  • Workbooks contain all materials so no photocopying is needed
  • Workbooks can be customized with your company logo
  • Manuals and workbooks are available in English, Spanish and Russian
  • Counselor training on DUI Program Curriculum at Program Provider’s site
    • CEU’s given at the end of the training

English Sample | Spanish Sample

For ordering information, click here or call 800.825.7262 Ext. 1236 or email

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Consulting Services

We provide onsite training for new start-up DUI Programs throughout the country. SCI opened the first DUI Program in the State of California in 1971. Our experience and professionalism is without parallel.  Let us help you with your program.

To get started contact us at 800.825.7262 Ext. 1236 or  email

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Counselor Continuing Education

Safety Center is a Continuing Education Provider for CADTP & Breining Institute

  • CEU courses on topics related to DUI as well as Title 9 compliance
  • Continuing education for counselors available at Program Provider’s site

To schedule your training, call 800.825.7262 Ext. 1236 or email email

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Alcohol & Nutrition Video – 1997 Release, 26 Minutes

Nutrition video screenshotEffects of alcohol and drug use by men and women

  • Suitable for all ages and educational settings
  • Prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and alcohol
  • Case study and personal story
  • Latest cutting-edge scientific evidence

Nutrition video screenshotDeveloped in collaboration with Charles H. Halsted M.D.
Professor of Internal Medicine
Chief, Division of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism
Director, Clinical Nutrition Research Unit, U.C. Davis Medical Center

To order your copy, call 800.825.7262 Ext. 1236 or email

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Rapid Eye Check – Workplace Alcohol & Drug Awareness Training

image of a police office conducting DUI check on a driverAll illegal drugs affect the central nervous system and training in the Rapid Eye Check will help to verify these physical signs. 98.6% of people passing the Rapid Eye Check will also pass a body fluid EMIT test. Save money by providing this training for staff so you only pay for a body fluid test for subjects failing the Rapid Eye Check.

Advantages of Rapid Eye Check!

  1. It is extremely effective to detect and deter drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. Substantially all of the persons who pass the Rapid Eye Check criteria would also pass the standard EMIT body fluid test.
  2. Rapid Eye Check is an ongoing, fulltime screening program as opposed to a random or one time pre-employment testing program. Rapid Eye Check certified managers and supervisors constantly screen and evaluate employees. The fulltime nature of Rapid Eye Check makes it a very compelling deterrent.
  3. It is non-invasive and non-confrontational. Certified managers are trained merely to observe and note behavioral and physical characteristics which would create “reasonable suspicion” when a given employee is abusing drugs and alcohol. Rapid Eye Check’s non-invasive and non-confrontational characteristics are significant advantages toward improved employee moral and therefore, the program has repeatedly been endorsed by labor unions and employee representatives. Only those persons who fail the Rapid Eye Check Technique will be subject to body fluid testing.
  4. Rapid Eye Check is extremely fast and cost effective. Certified managers or pre-employment interviewers can review an application or employee in several minutes and in pre-employment situations virtually eliminate the need for universal body fluid testing, saving you up to 80% of your drug testing expenses.

Who Should Attend?

  • Risk Managers
  • Safety Managers
  • Human Resource Directors
  • Corporate Officers
  • Security Personnel
  • Managers
  • Anyone wanting to lower the cost of their non-DOT required drug testing

Companies Using Rapid Eye Check
Communications: NYNEX and Continental Cablevision
Law Enforcement: Houston Police Department; California Highway Patrol; US Department of the Army
Manufacturing: Frito-Lay; Pepsi-Cola; Texaco Refining Co.

To schedule your training, call us at 800.825.7262 Ext. 1236 or email

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