Motor Vehicle Safety

Assessing Costs and Risks for Employers

Why Does Motor Vehicle Workplace Safety Matter – CDC/NIOSH Infographic 

Cost for Motor Vehicle Crashes to Employers – NETS 2105 Report

Employer Liability and the Case for Comprehensive Cell Phone Policies – NSC 2014 White Paper


Implementing a Safety Program

Safety Program for Preventing Work Related Motor Vehicle Crashes – CDC/NIOSH 2015

Guidelines for Employers to Reduce Motor Vehicle Crashes – OSHA, NHTSA, NETS

Driver Safety Tips for Commercial Motor Vehicles – FMSCA 2017

Safe Driving Practices – OSHA


Defensive Driving Courses – NSC Certified Classes


Developing and Reinforcing Distracted Driving Policies

Distracted Driving Policies – NSC

Defeat Distracted Driving Campaign – CVSA 2016 Materials

Distracted Driving Course – NSC Online

Employee Awareness Resources – AT&T

Employer Ban Cell Phone Use Policy – NSC 2014 Owens Corning Case Study 


Researching Issues and Strategies for the Prevention of Work Related Motor Vehicle Crashes

Keeping Workers Safe on the Road – NIOSH 2014-2018 Strategic Plan for Research and Prevention

Understanding Why We Must Keep Our Brains Focused on Driving – NSC 2010 White Paper

Measuring Cognitive Distraction in Motor Vehicles – AAA Foundation 2013 Report

Distracted Driving Research and Infographics – NHTSA, AAA Foundation and NSC