A SAFETY MANAGEMENT APPROACH “Healthy Employees Are Safer Employees”

Bob Lapidus, CSP, CSMS

The title of this article is self-explanatory. Yet, most safety programs spend little or no effort on helping employees live well. Employees with low blood pressure, good lipids levels, and in good physical condition come to work a step ahead of those employees who do not maintain good health.

It is the rare safety program that includes a comprehensive wellness program, one that emphasizes safety and health on and off the job. Those organizations that have such programs see enhanced employee morale, people energized to come to work, and eager to participate in programs that encourage both their safety and health.

Programs that call attention to good health include ideas for such things as exercise, eye and hearing health, diet, getting annual physicals, reduction and elimination of addictive behaviors, reducing and/or coping with stress, and mental fitness.

Some organizations recommend that their employees exercise during their breaks. Wellness programs oftentimes include goal setting and rewards for exercise and activities based upon achieving various levels in health improvement.

Employers coordinate their wellness programs with local gyms, sometimes offering their employees discount memberships and opportunities to participate in special health-related activities.

You may want to contact local gyms and wellness clinics in your area to see if they have programs available for your organization. If there are no such facilities in your immediate area, consider searching the Internet for wellness programs you can implement for your employees.

Yes, healthy employees are safer employees. They are also more productive and have greater stamina to get their work accomplished. They have less illness and less occupational injuries. Such employees may even be happier because they have less pain and are enthusiastic about their daily lives.

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