FAQ Category: Current Participants

Can I attend a class online?

DHCS does not license internet DUI programs.  DUI classes offered via the internet do not meet California’s DUI Program requirements.  Safety Center offers approved Live Virtual Services, Please call for availability 916-438-3360.   

When is my next class?

If you are enrolled at the Bradshaw location call 916-438-3360  If you are enrolled at the Citrus Heights location call 916-721-3748   If you are enrolled at the North Highlands location call 916-394-2320 If you are enrolled at the Modesto location call 209-526-9393  If you are […]

I haven’t received my class invite, what do I do?

Please verify your schedule   Class invitations are sent up to 5 days before the class date  Please check your SPAM, CLUTTER, JUNK MAIL – search for your group number in the Subject Line (an example of how the subject line in your email will read: […]

How do I make a payment?

Payments can be made easily on our website. Please have your Client Identification Number (this can be found on your class schedule or you can call us at 916-438-3360) or your full name and birthdate (Enter your birthday in the Account Number field). To make […]