Mastering Safety Communications

Communication is not complete until the desired result is achieved! As a safety leader, you do not want to see anyone injured in the workplace. The challenge is communicating this information effectively at safety meetings. Join safety speaker John Drebinger, author, communicator, and motivational expert, as he takes you beyond just teaching safety to developing new effective, communication skills that will help you reach employees immediately to realize new levels of success.

This full-day course includes:

“Breaking through Resistance and Barriers when Communicating Your Safety Message”

  • Communication Philosophy – Be appropriate and effective;
  • Discovering the secrets of the best Safety Motivational Speakers;
  • Representational Systems – Effective ways to get your message across;
  • Rapport Skills – Make connections and break through barriers;
  • Build passion and commitment to safety; and
  • Make a difference when you communicate your message.

“Motivational Techniques and Changing Behaviors”

  • Motivate yourself and others to take personal responsibility for safety;
  • Discover and develop successful skills to correct un-resourceful behaviors in an effective and inoffensive way;
  • Discover new ways you can motivate people to focus on the positive and stay away from negative attitudes; and
  • Get results that help people become models for others.

“Developing Creative Ideas and Positive Outcomes”

  • Use storytelling and everyday events to communicate your message;
  • Give fun and exciting safety meetings and make repeat training interesting;
  • Learn the 12 steps of an effective meeting; and
  • Achieve outcomes that are positive and specific.

“Logistics of Holding Effective Meetings”

  • Effective seating arrangements for safety meetings;
  • The magic of one word;
  • Use public address systems;
  • Take breaks as the audience needs them;
  • Use your physiology to convey passion; and
  • Make your safety meetings special.

Known for his effective and unique presentations, motivational safety speaker John captivates and motivates your employees as no other speaker does. His reputation for effectiveness has resulted in his teaching presentation and communication techniques at the American Society of Safety Engineers and the National Safety Council’s national conventions for more than two decades.


Course Location:

  • NC = Northern California Campus located at 3909 Bradshaw Road, Sacramento, CA 95827
  • Northern California
     October 5, 2018
     8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Northern California
     October 5, 2018
     8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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