CSMS Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for classes conducted as Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)?

  • Computer with video and audio
  • Reliable internet connection


Who should attend?

  • Collateral duty, part-time, or full-time safety people,
  • Loss control, operations managers, and human resources managers
  • Safety consultants or anyone whose job includes the responsibility for workplace safety


What classes should I take first?

  • Participants should generally take the Certificates and classes in sequence because they build on each other.


Can I attend just some of the classes?

  • Yes, some of the courses are available to be taken individually as open enrollment classes.


Do I have to take these courses all in one year?

  • No, the time for completing the Safety Management Specialist Program is open ended so that participants can fit classes into their busy schedules.


Are the Safety Management Specialist courses available online?

  • No, this program uses an interactive format that online programs cannot effectively duplicate. The VILT approach has an additional benefit in helping participants build a network within the safety community to assist them in achieving their personal and professional goals.


Can I receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for these courses?

  • Yes. Upon completing each, participants receive a certificate with .5 CEUs. At the completion of the entire Safety Management Specialist Certificate, participants will have received 4.5 CEUs.