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Are you a Drugged Driver?

With the passage of more indulgent marijuana laws comes the increase in DUI drug convictions.  Some states have completely decriminalized marijuana allowing for recreational use and many others allow for medicinal use.  This permissive stance does not give the consumer the right to drive while […]

Fall Protection Is Serious Business

As the country continues its economic recovery and construction businesses enter their peak season, we should be reminded  that construction is the deadliest industry in the country. Falls are consistently the top cause of fatalities in the construction industry, accounting for 269 fatalities in the […]

DUI Programs are Treatment, not School!

You have probably heard the term, “DUI School.” DUI Programs in California are not schools, they are treatment programs. A schools primary focus is on education, instilling knowledge. Take for example, traffic school; designed only to educate the participant in traffic regulations. Sheldon Zhang, Professor […]

7 Tips for Family Bike Safety

The arrival of warmer weather and sunnier days means families can escape from indoor activities and head out on adventures beyond the front lawn. The benefits of being an active family are endless and we think bike riding is the perfect activity to get everyone […]

Teen-to-Teen Safe Driving Campaign

The Allstate Foundation and Safety Center expanded its California Teen-to-Teen Safe Driving Campaign contest into the Central Valley and first place winners for 2014 were Escalon, Manteca and Ronald E. McNair high schools. Schools from Stockton to Fresno entered the contest and youth leaders created […]